50 Amazing Restaurant Websites of 2020

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50 Website designs for Restaurants

Designing a restaurant website is a crucial way to make a good first impression to customers about your unique services in the hotel and hospitality industry. For every new customer who’s been to your site, there’s a high chance he/she interacted with your website before the actual visit. That’s why the importance of a nicely designed website cannot be overlooked.

Keen and witty web designers will tell you that designing a worthwhile website is not all about vibrant colors and pictures of food. It’s about designing a website that is easy for customers to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and vividly includes crucial details such as location, menu, hours, etc.

Besides, the purpose of a restaurant website design should not only be to increase awareness of your services but also to give potential clients a sense of the actual experience upon visit.

Experts have forecasted that in 2020 and beyond, it’s even going to be more critical to invest in the design of your restaurant’s website. Today, the Internet is the #1 stopover for travelers looking for information on local eateries and bars. Successful restaurant owners wouldn’t stress the issue any less.

In this roundup, we have compiled for you a list of 50 creatively designed restaurant websites for ideas and inspiration!


Here are the top 20 best restaurant website designs in our list:

  1. Highlands Bar and Grill
  2. Jack Prat
  3. Hana
  4. Ella
  5. Nobu
  6. City, O’ City
  7. Arethusa al Tavolo
  8. Bluecoast Rehoboth
  9. KYU
  10. Herban Fix
  11. Duke’s Waikiki
  12. Stockman’s Restaurant
  13. Oriole
  14. BuffaLouie’s
  15. Trumpet Blossom Cafe
  16. Q39
  17. Seviche A Latin
  18. Cafe Du Mond
  19. The Lobster Shack
  20. Buena Vida

Here is a list of other splendid restaurant website designs we consider amazing:

21. O Ya

22. Ford’s Garage

23. Spoon and Stable

24. McEwen’s Oxford

25. Flat Creek Restaurants

26. The Fieldhouse

27. The Keeping Room

28. Carson Kitchen

29. Hanover Street Chophouse

30. Carlo’s Bakery

31. Sadie’s Of New Mexico

32. La Bernardin

33. Fiction Kitchen

34. Pirogue Grill

35. Momocho

36. Paseo Grill

37. Le Pigeon

38. Oyster House

39. Hemenway’s

40. Circa 1886

41. Minervas Restaurant

42. Huey’s Midtown

43. Common Bond

44. Bombay House

45. Leunig’s Bistro and Cafe

46. Tupelo Honey

47. Spinasse

48. Noah’s Restaurant and Lounge

49. The Old Fashioned Bar and Restaurant

50. Snake River Grill

Again, first impression is vital for every service providers. You are likely to attract more customers, and have them dine-in if you had a website that makes them feel engaged and more informed.

It hardly matters how you choose to build your restaurant’s online presence; however, it’s crucial to pay attention to the latest elements that convey the professionalism of your business. Designing a website with the customers in mind would certainly offer you a cutting edge amongst your competitors.

Luckily, customizing a site doesn’t have to rattle your mind. There are tons of web designers that cater to both new and existing restaurant owners.

Often, the challenge could be finding a designer who’ll offer you top-notch services without you having to break the bank. At Collide Digital, you can be sure of catchy website presence and hosting at a fixed, affordable monthly price, unlike the others who’ll demand an upfront cost!

Now, you already know that a professionally done restaurant site can make it or break it for you; it’s now time to make the bold and worthy step and embrace technology. One thing is for sure- it’ll count; you will increase sales, as your business gains a competitive edge over your competitors.

Contact us to speak with a professional designer and let the experts handle it for you.

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