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I Know More About Your Situation Than You Think...

For years my parents ran a nail salon and I witnessed first-hand the struggles a salon goes through trying to get more business. It’s not easy. After doing marketing for Silicon Valley’s tech companies, I decided to apply my skills to helping my parents build their nail salon – and it worked. In just 3 months I was able to grow their revenue almost 370%.

The craziest part was that I realized it really doesn’t take much experience – you just need to know the proper system to set up. Their competitors were paying marketing companies thousands of dollars to break even on new business – but my parents were spending less than $300/month and getting $1000+ in new client revenue.

How Our Plug-N-Play System Works

Here’s how our client generator system works in writing – I wasn’t kidding, I’m giving you the answers free.

The problem that new beauty salons in today’s day and age face is that they are not adapting to the digital world. They’re stuck relying on outdated, traditional methods to get more business. On top of that, they’re not properly engaging with their clients to keep them coming back. We fix all of this with just 3 easy solutions:

Problem #1

Looking for business in all the wrong places. 

If you’re using Yelp, Yellowpages, or GoogleMyBusiness to try and get more clients – you’re already wasting precious time.

All of these platforms are slow and are subject to biased negative reviews from clients.

You need an unbiased platform that you can control.


Using platforms that give you control over your message and allow you to show up when people are looking for your services.

Promoting your services via Facebook & Google ads is going to be the #1 way you drive traffic to your business, no matter how many 5-star reviews you may or may not have.

You are able to put in appealing keywords and promos that attract potential clients to your business. This gives you a strong competitive edge over other salons.

Problem #2

You’re not managing your clientele the right way.

Most salons think its enough to just have your Square POS, Acuity Scheduling, or Gmail calendar set up to manage your clients. Wrong.

You need to also have a system that is constantly engaging and re-engaging with your clients, especially after their appointments.


You need to have a system that:

  1. Welcomes new leads
  2. Reminds them what they signed up for
  3. Thanks clients after their appointment
  4. Remarkets for future bookings

This is extremely important especially when your competitor is fishing for new business too. By doing this, you stay top-of-mind for your clients and remind them why they booked with you over your competitors in the first place.

Problem #3

How are you customers contacting you??

In today’s digital age, if you don’t have a website for your business you’re already lagging far behind the competition.

Every client journey begins online- they learn about your business through your website.

Most beauty salons don’t even have a website, they just rely on a Yelp page that can feature negative reviews that push potential customers away.


Having your own website that neatly displays all your contact information, services, and business information will put you at a strong advantage over other salons that don’t.

It’s important to have a website so that your potential clients can learn about your business and even book an appointment directly- this reduces the chance of them going somewhere else for their beauty needs.

In My Free Live Demo, I'll Walk Through A Tailored Client Generation System For You:​

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