Choosing the Best Web Designer in San Jose

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Choosing a Web Designer in SF

Choosing the best web designer in San Jose requires you as a business owner to understand exactly what you need, instead of attempting to sort & filter all the choices on offer.

It would be handy if you wrote out your exact needs, wishes, requirements, and goals. The best option for you will then select itself.

Now, here are the outlines on how to choose the right website designer in San Jose for your project.

San Jose web at night

1.      Define Your Technology Needs

Defining your needs is vital because it helps you to decide what type of web designer you are going to hire.

Consider the following:

  • Your desired functionality
  • How you want your website to grow eventually
  • Will you want to edit & manage your site content?
  • Do your visitors need to work with the site at all?


  • using vague concepts or ideas
  • accidental technology lock-in

2.      Define Your Design Needs

It’s quite difficult translating a vague idea in someone else’s mind into a tangible creation.

The more specific you will be about your design needs, the better the end-product you’ll get.

Consider the following:

  • What process you’d like to work with. Will you want choices at every stage? How would you like to give and receive feedback?
  • A good web designer will tell you how achievable certain features are


  • Designers who can’t tell you how they’ll handle a design problem
  • Giving vague wishes, be as specific and as concrete as possible

3.      Define Your Business Needs

Some of your business needs matches back to your design and technology needs. However, before you define your budget & scope;

Consider the following:

  • Both the near and medium-term targets of your business.
  • Your domain names and desired email setup
  • The incremental value of your website


  • Complexity –simple integrations and versatility make your website last.
  • Incompetent/lazy designers
  • Avoid designers who promise quick solutions.

4.      Define Your Budget & Scope

Remember, your website is an investment, not a cost.

Consider the following:

  • Your existing cashflow situation.
  • Consider the costs of a poor or non-existent website
  • Jot down the features, functionality, & design choices that you’d prioritize


  • Thinking about having everything-always keep your options open

5.      Define Your Sources & Alternative Options

Think about where you’ll get the very best designers. You just have to put in a bit of effort to find the right website designers in San Jose, and may need to scour local directories.

Consider the following:

  • Good website designers in San Jose want to work with good clients
  • Conversations back and forth cannot be billed


  • ‘Googling’ what everyone else is ‘Googling’.



Choosing the best website designer in San Jose does not have to be rocket science. IT just requires you to clearly understand what you need, when you want it, and to vividly illustrate your expectations.

If you are finding it difficult getting a good website designer – let us know, we’ll be glad to work with you.

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