Content Marketing Strategy for Dentists

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If you’re a dentist looking for easy digital marketing strategies, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re new to digital marketing, be sure to check out our article Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Dentists

In this article, we’ll focus specifically on easy content marketing for dentists. Online marketing is incredibly important to grow your dental practice, connect with current patients, and attract new patients. 

As you learn about content marketing, you’ll learn what is SEO writing and what is SEO in digital marketing. We’ll also discuss what kind of content you can create and how you can use content marketing to gain visibility online and support the health of your dental practice. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating content in articles, videos, infographics, or other mediums. This content should be valuable to people interested in your services. For example, if one of your services is dental implants, it’s a good idea to create content about dental implants. 

But content marketing isn’t just about relaying information. An important part of content marketing is storytelling. To draw people in and encourage people to read your content and return for more, you need to create engaging stories that resonate with your audience. 

This might seem like a lot of work, but content marketing is a hugely important part of your digital marketing strategy. According to Google Trends, the popularity of content marketing has been steadily increasing since 2007. 

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content per day! And content marketing costs approximately 60% less than other marketing methods but can produce three times as many leads as other marketing methods if implemented correctly. 

So, as a dentist, what can content marketing do for you? Let’s find out!

How Useful is Digital Marketing in Dentistry?

Digital marketing, when used correctly, can be incredibly beneficial for your dental practice. This is because it allows you to reach the right audience, build trust in your dental practice, and improve your online visibility, making it easier for new clients to find you. 

Reach the Right Audience

Traditional marketing methods, like TV advertisements, reach a lot of people. However, a lot of those people will not be interested in your services. If you are an orthodontist and advertise your practice on TV, many people who don’t need your services will see your advertisement. 

With content marketing, if you create a piece of content about braces, that content will reach people looking for information about braces. Therefore, you might reach a smaller audience overall, but the people looking at your content will be interested in what you have to say as well as the services you offer. 

Improve Your Visibility

By using content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), discussed below, you can increase your visibility online. This means that when people go online and search “dentist in my area,” your dental practice will appear on the search engine results pages (SERP).

Over time, this will attract new patients to your dental practice. The goal is to have your dental practice rank, i.e., appear on as many SERPs as possible and as early in the SERPs as possible. If you can get your website to appear on the first or second page of the search results, you’ll see much higher traffic to your website than if you are listed on the tenth or fifteenth page of the search results. 

With effective content marketing and SEO strategies, you can slowly increase your ranking on Google and appear in more SERPs. 

Built Trust in Your Dental Practice 

Creating valuable content for your website and social media platforms will help build trust in your dental practice. As readers begin to see your logo appear on content that interests them, and as they read important information from your dental practice, they’ll begin to think of you as a trustworthy source of information. 

This will strengthen the relationships you have with your current patients and encourage new patients to book an appointment with you. 

What Kind of Content Should Dentists Publish?

There are many types of content out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. As a dentist beginning your content marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to focus on blog posts, infographics, and videos. 

Blog Posts and Articles

Blog posts and articles are a great resource you can add to your website and share on your social media platforms. Your blog posts should be relevant to your target audience. For example, if you are a periodontist, create a blog post on gum health. If you practice pediatric dentistry, create articles on how to get children to brush their teeth. 

Focus on content that solves a problem or addresses a pain point for your target audience. This will help you create valuable content that people want to read and share. And always circle back to your own practice. How can your dental practice help your readers with this problem? 


Visual content is extremely high-performing and a vital part of your content marketing strategy. A study by Forbes showed that 91% of people prefer visual content over written content. So while your articles will help you gain great SEO visibility (discussed below), your infographics are high-value resources that a large audience will engage with. 

Infographics should be short content pieces that offer quick solutions and easily digestible statistics. They should be well designed and include your dental practice logo and contact information. If you’re not familiar with graphic design, you can outsource your infographics to a designer. We’ll discuss this more below. 


Many dentists are creating Youtube content to attract a wider audience. Did you know that Youtube attracts more 18 to 49-year-olds than any cable or broadcast network? That’s a lot of people!

Youtube videos can consist of dental information for patients, like how to floss properly. Or, you can give your viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of your office and a day in the life of a dentist. If you’re unsure how to begin your Youtube channel, check out some other dentists on Youtube

Outsource Content Creation

Now that you know the types of content that are ideal for your digital marketing strategy, how do you create that content? As a busy dentist, you probably don’t have time to spend hours writing articles and creating infographics.

Luckily, there are many content resources available where you can find freelance writers and creators to make your content for you. We’ve listed the most popular here. 


SEMrush is a very popular tool for digital marketers. On SEMrush, you can order articles from 500 to 2000 words. SEMrush has set price points based on the number of words ordered. 


Fiverr is another popular freelance marketplace. Fiverr is great if you have a limited budget. Freelancers set their own price, so you have a range to choose from. On Fiverr, you can order articles, infographic design, video voice overs, and more. 


Upwork, like Fiverr, is a popular freelance marketplace you can use for a variety of content creation. On Upwork, you can hire content writers, video creators, or designers for virtually any type of content.

Outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

Even outsourcing content can be time-consuming. You still need to outline the information you’d like in your content, execute SEO research, and sometimes edit or request changes to the content you receive. A great digital marketing agency can do all this for you. If you’re thinking of outsourcing your content, contact Collide Digital

At Collide, we create high-performing and high-quality SEO-optimized content to appeal to your target demographic and boost your website’s performance, attracting new clients to your dental practice. 

What is SEO?

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned search engine optimization (SEO) a lot. But what is it? SEO uses common search terms to target your audience and increase your visibility online. For example, using the keyword phrase “dentist in California” in your article will tell Google that your website is relevant to them when users search for that keyword. 

Over time, using the correct keywords will help you rank on SERPs. But because there are thousands of dentists all using the keyword phrase “dentist in California,” you need to be more strategic. This is where SEO tools come in. 

SEO Tools

Using SEO in your content is completely free, but you’ll need to use an SEO tool to find SEO keywords. An SEO tool can show you what keywords and phrases people are searching for, how many people are searching for each keyword, and how hard it is to rank for that keyword. 

So, while “dentist in California” might be tough to rank for because many other websites are using that keyword, “how to improve gum health” will be easier to rank for. You should focus your keyword research on phrases that have less than an 80% keyword difficulty. These phrases are easier to rank for, and you’ll see results faster than if you only target high-difficulty keywords. 

The best keyword research tools you can use to find great keywords are: 

  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Answer the Public
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword Planner

Most SEO tools require a paid subscription, but many offer a free trial or a limited number of free searches per day. 

Be Patient

A solid content strategy is valuable, but it will take time to see organic growth on your website using SEO. It can take four to six months to begin seeing the results of your hard work. This is why many dentists and other businesses choose to combine more than one digital marketing strategy. 

While you work on your SEO, you can choose to also implement an email marketing strategy, Facebook ads, Yelp ads, and more. A strong digital marketing strategy involves marketing on many platforms. It can be time-consuming, especially if you do it all yourself, but will be very rewarding if done properly. 

How Collide Digital Can Help

Because digital marketing is so involved and time-consuming, most businesses have an employee dedicated to their digital marketing, or they outsource. At Collide Digital, we believe every business, big or small, should have access to digital marketing. 

That’s why we scale our services to suit your needs. Whether you want to focus on creating blogs or infographics, website design, or paid ads, we’re here to help. Our expert team is performance-focused, so you’ll see results from your digital marketing campaign.

And Collide Digital has increased revenue for clients by up to 4 times their original revenue! So if you’re looking for an effective, performance-based digital marketing strategy, contact Collide Digital today at [email protected] or (925) 679-5781.

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