Do I Need a Blog? The Importance of Blogging for Small Business

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Do I Need a Blog? The Importance of Blogging for Small Business

What if we told you that companies who post blogs more often experience 67% more leads per month? Hopefully, it would convince you that making a blog for your small business is the right move.

Blogging is a great method for you to interact with potential and current customers. There are several reasons why you should start a blog for your business. 

If you’re interested in one of the best methods of communication, keep reading. We’ll teach you all there is to know about the importance of blogging while we answer your question: “do I really need a blog?”

What Is Blogging for Small Business?

Blogging for small businesses is one of the best ways to interact with your customers and bring in more customers. A blog is a stage for you to show what you know and how you can teach those things to your audience.

There are many benefits that you should know about. Blogging is filled with great perks that your small business needs to take advantage of.

Demonstrate Your Authority

By creating blogs filled with intelligent content, you can show that you’re the authority that your customers should be coming to for information. Posting blogs about business-relevant information can show your customers that you know exactly what you’re talking about.

Show yourself as an authority figure. Your audience will appreciate your confidence and wisdom as they come to know more about your company and its products.

You never want to seem ignorant or unintelligent in your blog posts. Make this a space where you can show off everything you know about your industry and your products and/or services.

blogger in coffee shop

Prove Your Value

If you write a blog post proving how your product or service is useful, you can prove your value to your customers.

Many blog posts start with a problem that many customers have. Throughout the blog post, the writer will explore the issue and explain why the problem is happening. They conclude the blog by showing how one of their products or services can solve this problem for customers.

For example, a carpet cleaning company may start a blog post by talking about the dangers of having a dirty carpet. They can go on to explain why having a dirty carpet is bad for your health. The writer will then conclude by explaining how the carpet cleaning company can help by giving your carpets a professional deep clean, if you hire them.

By forming the blog around your solution to a consumer problem, you’re peaking consumer interest in your product or service. These scenarios and other case studies show how your product or service is useful for consumers.

Announce Upcoming Releases

Many companies use their blog posts to announce upcoming product releases. By posting about these things ahead of time, you can generate buzz and demand ahead of a product’s release.

You can use your blog to showcase your new product or service and explain how customers will find it useful. Getting ahead of the curve like this can mean faster sales on new products. This kind of exposure can make a world of difference for small businesses who often need support before a release can even be planned.

Depending on the popularity of the new product, you may also bring in more prospective customers who will take a look at other items or offers you have on your website.

Become More Well-Known

Even if you’re skeptical about the ability to sell products through blogging, you should still be aware of how much exposure you can get from it. Blogging is a great way to get your company’s name out there.

Any publications that your business makes on the internet gives you more exposure. However, blogging is unique.

Bloggers often follow a strategy called “SEO.” This stands for search engine optimization. There is also local search engine optimization.

Basically, using an SEO strategy when constructing your blog can give you incredible long term exposure. The better optimized your posts are, the more likely people are going to see them when they’re searching.

As you gain exposure, you’ll find yourself with greater demand and a larger following to serve and help. A little popularity would be great for your small business. Starting a blog is one of the best ways to do this.

Build a Network

Blogging is sometimes seen as a form of social media. This is because blogging does have influencers. You will want to get to know these influencers.

Working with influencers is a great way to build recognition of your company’s name. You can pay the influencers to promote a blog post, or do a guest post – writing a blog post for you.

Either way building a network with social media’s most loved profiles and identities is never a bad idea, especially for small businesses that are looking to grow exponentially.

influencers networking

You may also find that you want to work with complementary companies or other experts in your industry to bring your consumers more content. As you navigate the world of blogging, you’ll become more and more familiar with how relationships work.

Networking can make a huge difference in your following and interest from consumers. The more exposure you get, the better. Just make sure that you’re producing quality, useful posts that will keep new consumers there for the long-haul.

Interact With Your Customers

It may sound intimidating to put yourself out there, but blogging is a great way to do it.

If you want to hear from your customers, just look through the comments under a blog post for feedback.

When you post about a product or service, you may find that customers have questions about ordering, shipping, or the product itself. Digging through comments underneath a blog post is a great way to directly help customers who don’t click the “contact” button on your website.

Customers may tell you about problems they have or bugs they’ve experienced as well. Whether they say positive or negative things, you should acknowledge and address it.

Positive comments should be met with gratitude, while negative comments should be met with an answer.

If you’re active in the comments of your blog, your business will seem more personable and more helpful. This is a great reputation to build as you grow.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

A website with a blog may find that it can stay ahead of its competitors. If you have an interesting blog with consistent posts, you’re going to attract more customers than your competitors who don’t have a blog, or only blog sporadically. 

As we mentioned, your blog will also have a comment section for customers to voice their opinions. Listen to what your customers are critiquing and requesting. This will help you understand market need and meet your customer’s expectations and wants.

With a solid blogging strategy and quality content, you’ll find that you can build a following of loyal consumers who will see you as an authority in your industry. Keep researching and interacting so that you can stay ahead of your competition and keep growing.

Capture More Customers

When they’re considering buying something, customers go through three stages that are known as lead conversion. You can send your customers through all three stages with just one blog post.

The first stage is the awareness stage. As the name implies, this is when customers become aware of your business and the services and products you offer. 

The second stage is the consideration stage. Consumers in this stage are trying to decide whether or not your business’ offer is worth their time and money.

The third and final stage is the decision stage. As the name implies, this is when the consumer decides whether or not to invest in your products or services.

customers reading blog

As a potential customer is reading through your blog, they should be learning about your products and services in some way. While they’re reading your explanations and arguments, they’ll be noting how they feel consciously or subconsciously.

By the end of the blog, they will have decided whether or not they’re interested in indulging in the product or service you’re selling.

Do I Really Need a Blog?

The simple answer is yes.

“But do I really, really need a blog?” The answer is still yes.

Blogs offer too many advantages to not take advantage of them. From exposure and networking to building trust and creditability, blogs are a fantastic business-building resource.

Any business that wants to grow needs to start a blog.

If you’re ready to get started but you have no idea what to do, consider scheduling a consultation with Collide Digital.

We offer plans with a blog content system to get you started on the right foot. We also offer site-building services for those of you who need to reorganize your site before starting your blogging journey.

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