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Our team will launch optimized social media ad campaigns designed to reach your strategic goals like higher traffic volume, lead generation, increased profile likes and follows, and more. After launch, our social media experts will closely manage and monitor ads to ensure the right target market is reached at the most effective cost within your budget.

"We Grew CityHealth's Audience and Turned that Audience into Patients" - Steven B.

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Media budgets up to $30,000



Media budgets of $30,000+


Did you know that 55% of all consumers have bought something online after discovering it on social media?


Frequently Asked Questions.

We do social media for local businesses: Our social media advertising manager specialize in expanding target audiences and converting social activity to website traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Yes they absolutely work. But you have to make sure you have the right goal for your ads and that you are measuring the right things.

Facebook has some of the most highly targeted, lowest cost per click advertising available on the internet today.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are fairly different in the way they target people.

Google targets based on what people are typing in the search right that moment (as well as demographics).

Facebook targets based on interests that people have in their profile (Pages people have liked, Interests they may have added, and demographics targeting based on 3rd party data).

Talk to our Facebook ads expert and we can help you determine what type of Facebook ads will work best for your business.

That question is part of a larger one which is what is your marketing budget?

For testing purposes, I suggest using 10-20% of your overall budget for the campaign if possible. Then testing at least 2-3 different ads and running them for $20-50 for each ad you are testing if possible.

We started our agency in 2016 and our sole focus for 4 years was running Facebook ads for local businesses in every industry.

There are never any contracts with any service you sign up with Collide Digital. We believe in proving ourself to you each and every month. 

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"The lowest CPA!"

I just wanted to make sure I express how proud we are of you and your team and all they have done with us in the past year. You guys really are amazing. We look forward to a long and prosperous future with you by our side!


Andrew L.

CEO, Biowellness Studios

"Expert is an understatement"

One valuable benefit of working with the Collide team has been staying at the forefront of changes in social media advertising. On more than one occasion, they made adjustments to our social ad strategy the very day that a social platform made changes

Lucy T.

CEO, Blackhawk Automotives

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