How Accountants Can Generate Leads Using a Sales Funnel

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Accountants Sales Funnel

Accountants, CPA, tax gurus – you probably notice how difficult it can be to generate leads. You’re focused on saving people and businesses money, but you also need to be generating new leads to make money for your own business. 

Have you been experimenting with different platforms to promote and sell your services? Google Ads, Yelp, Yellow Pages? You spend money promoting your business, and you get people to check out your website, but you’re wondering why is no one filling out the contact form on your site.

If this sounds like a problem you are facing, then read on. I’ll explain why your traditional website is not working as hard as you are and how you can change that.

I’ll share with you some innovative lead magnet ideas and show you an example of a sales funnel we built for our CPA.

The first thing you need to know is what your ideal prospect wants

EY TaxChat
EY identify that a common pain point is communication. They showcase an app that you can communicate with your CPA through.

If you want to start generating leads for your accounting practice, the first thing you need to identify is what pain points your clients have.

Are they frustrated by their current accountant charging them outrageous fees? Are they unhappy with the lack of support they receive during tax time? Or maybe they are just starting and need an accountant that can help them form their corporate structure and guide them through the process.

What are the Top 10 pain points that your prospective client experience?

Could you make a list of the top 10 pain points or anxieties that your ideal prospect has?

Maybe they are frustrated by all of the paperwork they receive from the IRS and state tax agencies. Perhaps they can’t keep up-to-date with their bookkeeping. I’d bet that if you took 10 minutes, you could quickly formulate ten pain points you commonly hear from your clients.

The point of this is that if you know the problems that your clients are having, you will be in a much better position to use this information to capture new clients.

Are you using the value ladder in your business?

Value Ladder for Accountants

The value ladder is a simple concept that many already use without even realizing it. The idea is to provide your customers with something of low price for them to get acquainted with your business and spend more money over time on higher-priced items. For example, an accountants can provide bookkeeping services for a low price, and because the customer is already familiar, they will use you for tax planning and filing services.

As an accountant, what could you give away to get a lead?

If you want to generate a lead, you need to provide something of value. Something valuable enough that your prospect will give you their email address. Maybe a free tax consultation? Or an ebook about the changes in tax laws for the current year.

The point is, a higher-value lead magnet will give you a higher chance of getting the lead information.

Brainstorm some up-sells that your potential clients will love.

VSL Funnel for Accountants

After you give away, your lead magnet and the subscriber claim their gift; now what?

With “normal” websites, the visitor is redirected to a “Thank you page,” where they download the gift and move on with their day.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if after they subscribe, you can show them your services as an accountant and introduce yourself?

Maybe you could show them a short video thanking them for downloading the eBook and offering them a sweet deal if they scheduled a consultation call. The idea is to familiarize yourself with them and let them know who is behind the website.

If they choose not to schedule a consultation, you now have their email address or contact information to follow up with them in the future and promote your content or services. The phrase “content is king” is especially true for service-based businesses. It’s all about building trust and a brand that showcases your expertise.

Content is King

You will often hear that “Content is King,” but what does this mean, and why is content so important for a business? No matter what business you are in, you need to be producing content. Whether it be a blog post, videos, pictures, reviews, testimonials, ebooks, or all of the above. By creating content, you can show to your potential customer that you are a reputable brand.

An example of great content for accountants is to write a blog post or create videos explaining the pros/cons of different corporate structures. The idea behind this is that when an entrepreneur is starting, they will go to Google and search up something like “Should I form an LLC or S-Corp?” – if you write an article focused on this search term, you could potentially show up on the search results. The entrepreneur will read this article and feel like you are a trusted source. Now at the bottom of the section, you can plug your firm and have them contact you to get more advice or to set up a company.

Does Email Marketing Work for Accountants?

Email marketing is still the best way to stay in touch with potential clients, share content, and promote your products and services.

Examples of ways you could use email marketing in an accounting practice are to invite to your email list for a free webinar to update them on changes in the U.S. tax codes. Webinars is a great way to generate leads, but it also builds rapport with your business.

How to build a lead capture page as an accountant that converts?

Discrete Form on Tax Website

One of the biggest secrets to having a lead capture page that works for you is to offer something desirable to your ideal prospects. 

So ask this to yourself again, what is something that you could give away for free that your prospects would want to receive? 

Once you have decided on your awesome lead magnet, then you could use a service like WordPress to build your website, FunnelHosting to purchase your domain name and also handle your email marketing. 

The cool part about WordPress and FunnelHosting is that they make it really easy for you to build a funnel website. They have pre-existing templates for hundreds of business types that are all set-up and ready to deploy. 

I have a sales funnel, now what? 

Congrats! You built your first sales funnel. This is a significant accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative. Having a sales funnel is just the beginning, now you need to get the webpage in front of the right customers. What are some common websites that your ideal customer use daily? Off the top of my head, I can think of: Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, Google. 

You will need to develop a marketing strategy to get your website published on these various websites. Luckily for you, we developed several pre-recorded webinars on how to use each of these platforms to promote your webpage. 

In Summary, Accountants need a sales funnel to generate leads

If you’re an accountant then you want nothing more than to reduce the stress in your life. If all of these tips sound great to you, but you don’t have the time or resources to deploy them, then give us a shout. We can help you develop a lead magnet and build out a sales funnel that we guarantee will generate you more leads. 


— Side Note from Dennis and Steven @ Collide Digital

Thank you to all the CPAs and Accountants out there! We know you often go unthanked by your customers, but we as small business owners truly appreciate your expertise and helping us navigate the complicated U.S. Tax codes. 

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