How To Use Live Chat for Car Sales

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Live Chat to Increase Sales

You can live chat tech support, but can you live chat car sales?

It might sound like someone’s been spending too much time around exhaust fumes, but it’s true: you can use live chat to increase car sales.

How? With a little consumer psychology, and a bit of tech know how.

Buying a new car is an important decision, and one not taken lightly. Most people agonize over buying a new vehicle, and take a lot of time to decide. After all, you’re going to be relying on this vehicle for the next 3-4 years or more. With the amount of money on the line, it’s a choice that needs lots of research and consultation.

Today, buying a car gets more interesting with newer and more modern ways of buying being unveiled all the time. If you are an auto-dealer, you have no choice but to update your approach. You need to stay relevant to your competition. But you also need to convert prospects to sell cars.

A website that provides online customer support in real-time (live chat) is a high-yielding, cost effective solution to convert prospects and boost sales.

Statistics show that live- chatting potential customers from your website can boost the conversion rate by a whopping 50%, and at a relatively low cost!

Here are some ways that live chat can work for car dealers:

·       Prompt Query Resolution

If you’re a car dealership veteran, you probably know how customers often approach auto-dealers’ websites or shops with endless questions. Vehicles are one of the most expensive things most people purchase, after real estate. A customer is going to have questions and concerns about the different features of a vehicle. For the sale to go smoothly, the customer will need immediate answers.

That’s why how a customer’s queries are handled by a salesperson can either make or break the deal.

A salesperson who live-chats the customer is likely to trigger the customer to make an on-ground visit. It paves the way for an in-person conversation.  Customers doesn’t worry about their call being queued endlessly before finally having somebody answer. Plus, live chat software does away with unnecessary trips to the dealership by providing customers with all the information about the car from the comfort of wherever they are.

live chat car sales bot image

·       Booking Appointments

No one likes waiting. Especially people looking to make a purchase.

We’ve all been there, done that- the basic expectation from nearly every client is that the sales representatives need to be super-quick in answering their queries and addressing any doubts they have about the features of the car and leasing, etc. Regardless of why a customer chooses to visit the dealership, an online appointment would definitely cut down on wait time.

A live chat could also be used to book for a car service appointment or a test drive in a simplified yet organized way. The salesperson can then pass on the information to the relevant department, who can then do a splendid job at providing seamless customer experience and ultimately win them over!

·       24/7 Support (in Multiple Languages)

Any successful brand will tell you, taking care of the customer is the number one principle for succeeding in business. Keeping up with this killer principle can be exhausting, as customers expect 24/7 customer service. Live chatting them is a great way of meeting this need, since salespersons can be entrusted with the work in different shifts.

Providing this 24/7 customer support in multiple languages only makes things better; it increases the user-friendly element of the feature and earns the business a competitive edge over its rivals. Besides, live chat changes the face of business by making it seem more accessible and approachable to clients.

A seamless conversation that is mindful of the customer’s needs adds a personal touch and can be helpful in creating a sense of mutual trust with the customer, which is the key to materializing a deal.

·       Increases Lead Opportunities

For most marketers working in car dealerships, getting traffic on the website may not be an issue. On the contrary, the main issue is making sure these leads convert, and the customer makes the purchase from the dealership. It is quite surprising then that most car dealerships consider themselves fortunate if they can even convert just 2% of their website visitors into quality leads!

I can’t seem to figure out a way to subtly convert potential clients into transacting customers other than through live chat. Interactive experiences, like live chats, increase engagement by providing timely and relevant information to prospects. If this engagement is missing, then it will break the two-way communication. It can make prospects drift away and find other more ‘serious’ alternatives.

What Live Chat Can do for Your Dealership


There’s no denying the fact that live chat software comes with great benefits for your business at large: a win-win situation for customers, auto dealerships, and even employees.

Live chat software is fast becoming a vital tool for car dealerships to use in communicating with their clients. It gives clients an avenue to get their questions answered, and helps dealerships sell cars to these curious customers.

So long as the people working behind-the-scenes are well equipped to respond to queries and provide a seamless customer experience, live chat software is hugely effective for car dealerships.

It’s more of a question of when you will use live chat for your business, rather than if.

That’s where Collide Digital comes in. Our web developers are armed with modern skills and experienced at using live chat to drive car sales.  We will be happy to help you set up a creative web design and live chat capabilities, or to add live chat functions to your existing website. Contact us to help boost your sales.



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