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Did you know that 99% of email users check their inbox every day, with some checking 20 times a day. Of those people, 58% of consumers check their email first thing in the morning. 84.3% of consumers say they check their emails at least once a day.

We make Marketo work for you

Infrastructure optimization

The Collide proprietary framework leverages best practices and experiences from working with some of the largest brands, making it easy for us to build a scalable Marketo infrastructure

Campaign execution

Our campaign management process has been proven to be repeatable, scalable, and free of errors so we can get you to market faster

Data system design

We know there is no one-size-fits-all for reporting. We can work with any tool in your martech system to integrate Marketo and build easily digestable data analytic views

Lead scoring architecture

Not using lead scoring in Marketo? Would you drive a Ferrari in the slow lane? We can build a custom lead scoring architecture for your business that will improve how you engage with each customer

Sales & marketing alignment

How sales and marketing teams collaborate can make or break a profit-goal. Our Marketo infrastructure will connect your teams seamlessly to Marketo so that they can create more value for your customers

Email & landing page build

Our talented team of designers and developers are also marketing experts – so they know how to build beautiful emails and landing pages that will help you reach your objectives

When you win, we win

At Collide Digital, we believe that every local business can achieve big things. Our digital marketing agency specializes in crafting customized strategies that prioritize people and drive results. Let us help put your business on the map and propel you to the next stage of your journey.


4X Email Sales

Human Optimization Center Walnut Creek

2X Appointments

PLTA Speech

3X Organic Traffic

What clients say about us

Curious about what real clients have to say about working with the Collide Digital team? Check out our reviews on Yelp or Google to hear firsthand about their experiences with us.

"The lowest CPA we've seen since launch"

I just wanted to make sure I express how proud we are of you and your team and all they have done with us in the past year. You guys really are amazing. We look forward to a long and prosperous future with you by our side!​

Andrew L.

CEO, Biowellness Studios

"Expert is an understatement"

One valuable benefit of working with the Collide team has been staying at the forefront of changes in social media advertising. On more than one occasion, they made adjustments to our social ad strategy the very day that a social platform made changes​

Lucy T.

Operations Manager, Blackhawk Autos