New Year, New Opportunities: Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

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2020 is poised to be a momentous year, with more sales opportunities than ever before. More tools, more tricks of the trade, more customers to reach…and more competition. The difference between your business and the rest of the competition lies in how well you understand and leverage the modern digital landscape to grow at scale.

Gaining a thorough understanding of digital marketing basics can lay a strong foundation for your growing business. Here are some key industry trends to keep in mind as you work to develop and execute your business strategy in the coming year.

Successful Branding: Awareness to Loyalty

In the twenty-first century, many people associate with brands as part of their core identity. You might hear, “I don’t wear just any shoes. I wear Nikes.” Or perhaps, “These dog treats may be more expensive, but it shows that I care about my dog that much more.”

Sell A Vision: Buying Into The Brand

This sort of consumer tribalism is commonplace in today’s markets. People don’t just buy branded products anymore; they buy into the brands themselves. Brands that lead with strongly relatable values resonate the most with today’s consumers and are the most successful at building lasting brand loyalty.

Making a great product is indeed the most fundamental aspect of any business. Marketing a vision, however, is how you actually sell the product. You’re trying to occupy more headspace than the temporary need for and purchase of a single item or service.

Let’s say two tea producers produce nearly identical tea products — same characteristics, flavor, and price point.  For the environmentally conscious consumer, their buying decision is ultimately going to come down to the fact that one brand proudly displays the fact that it uses 100% recycled materials while the other does not. The eco-friendly tea brand not only satisfies their basic product needs, but it gains their repeat business simply because it supports shared values.

Sell a brand vision that’s larger than your products and people will be clamoring to be part of your circle.

Brand Loyalty: The Secret to Lasting Success

By creating a brand that is personally identifiable to your customers, you can become an indelible part of their identity as a consumer. At that point, you’re no longer selling them things; you’re inviting them to be active participants in a culture and community with a lasting legacy. And all of this is achieved through your marketing.

You might be surprised at how powerful brand loyalty really is. Take a simple can of soup. Campbell’s doesn’t produce a better chicken noodle soup than everyone else. In fact, there are plenty of other soup brands that offer premium products with better taste and fresher ingredients. Yet Campbell’s has persisted through many decades as the market leader in their segment. Why do so many people still reach for that simple can of water, salt, chicken, and noodles when they come down with a cold?

Because it’s familiar, and that in itself is comforting. Brand awareness produces customer loyalty that can last for generations. Many people don’t even realize that this is why they instinctively go for a particular brand of soup. It’s what Grandma made when her kids were sick, so it’s what Mom makes now. That can of chicken noodle soup is built right into the identity of these families as a source of comfort in times of need.

Although the ways in which brands relate to and engage with consumers have changed over the years, the fundamental basis of building brand loyalty has not. In 2020, people identify with myriad social, cultural, and ideological ideas; and at the end of the day, everyone just wants to feel like they belong to a cause greater than themselves. They want to support brands that make them feel understood in some way, and they want to believe that they’re better for it.

Back To Basics: Understand Your Customer

So you want to increase your brand awareness, establish lasting customer loyalty, and supercharge your sales — but how do you do that?

First and foremost, be a customer. Pay attention to what you enjoy in a product and what makes you keep going back to a particular brand. Maybe you haven’t thought about it quite this way before, but don’t fall into the trap of forgetting what it’s like to go on the customer’s journey. Put yourself in their shoes.

It’s not always about brighter packaging or catchy promotions. Those methods might get people interested in your business, but when trying to create a lasting idea in the minds of your customers, it helps to go back to basics.

Your starting question should always be, “What need does my business fulfill? What challenges does it solve?” When you’re clear on your value proposition, then ask yourself what kind of people have the most need for your solution. It could represent a wide range, but don’t let that intimidate you. There are always unifying factors you can leverage to narrow down even with the most diverse group of customers.

Take the time to get to know your customers. Understand their values and identify their specific pain points. The most successful brands win new business by marketing solutions that solve unique challenges and fulfill specific desires.

Make It Sticky: Break Through The Noise

Yours isn’t the only brand competing for ad space in 2020. Your customers see hundreds of other options on a daily basis, so you have to make sure that your brand lands and sticks with them. But how?

In digital marketing especially, where every brand is available at the swipe of a finger, you’ve got to be on the pulse. You need the expertise to identify what people are connecting with and then capitalize upon that knowledge. That’s where digital marketing firms such as Collide Digital deliver value.

Collide Digital delivers simplified digital marketing and business services, helping you better understand and engage with your customers online. Today’s digital trends are not just passing fads and by helping develop a strong message, culture, and brand identity, Collide Digital can help you realize your vision in 2020 and beyond.

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