San Francisco Website Design Ideas for 2020

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San Francisco web design got a lot more interesting in 2020. If you are wondering about the most popular web design trends to go for this year, then you just clicked the right link.

Today, we check out some of the best trends in web design for 2020.

2020’s best web designs are a perfect combination of visually pleasing graphic design and robust, ever-evolving technology. Since I started researching the best website designs, I have never been more impressed with modern design, particularly what San Francisco’s web design pros are doing.

Web designers today are getting super-creative, while still maintaining a clean, user friendly design and ultra powerful functionality. Minimalism and retro inspiration are big winners, but the best web designs always put the user’s experience first.


SanFrancisco great web designers


Here are some outstanding design ideas to update your website for 2020:

1.     Combining photos and illustrations

Combining photos with super-simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations is the first in my list.

This is a huge trend in website design right now, and is popping up everywhere from hero images to Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

It’s a simple but stunning idea where illustrations either replace sections of photos or creatively interact with them (kind of like the a-ha video for Take On Me)

The result is a fun mixture of two realities, and the hand drawn 2D illustrations allow a design to feel uniquely human.

2.     Patterns in web design

Patterns are slowly making a comeback in 2020, but are being diversified and refreshed for the new decade.

Unlike chunky, harder-on-the-eyes patterns of earlier years, 2020’s patterns are overtaking the entire background, allowing sliding content to really pop. Or they’re being used to visually divide the webpage without creating extra text boxes.

Web designers can expect to see more patterns, but used differently, in 2020.

3.     Black and white is evergreen in web design

Regardless of the year, black and white web designs never disappoint.

Black and white designs are the proverbial Chuck Taylor All Star’s of the web design world: a true classic. It’s a design that’s easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion and the trends. Regardless of the reigning trends, black and white designs are a sure bet year after year.

Black and white design schemes also work perfectly with other trending designs, most notably minimalism. The simple black and white palette lends itself to a simplified approach and also works well with popular maxi typography and line art elements, both of which are popular trends for 2020.

4.     Minimalist web design with maxi typography

The minimalist web design trend took the Internet, and the world, by storm several years ago.

It continues to earn more followers, and has helped set the stage for the decluttering trend that’s sweeping living rooms and web pages everywhere.

It’s simple, sensible and stress free approach appeals to users who are increasingly bombarded by overwhelming amounts of information.

The only twist in the story is that modern web designers have nixed the unnecessary details and decorations for a more streamlined approach, and let the (maxi) type do the talking. Compared to earlier maxi typography trend, it’s now being used with more restraint, but no less persuasion.

5.     Retro style in modern web design

Retro style adds a touch of some throwback nostalgia to modern-day websites. It speaks to the popular design sensibilities that were in vogue before the very idea of the Internet even existed.

Retro style can trace its roots back to the US post war boom in the 1950s and ’60s. It’s been “out” long enough that it’s back in, and has an aesthetic that inspires everything from clothing designs, hair styles, and furniture design to this day.

Web designers appreciate a retro look because it can lend itself to as much color or black and white simplicity as you like. It has a unique appeal all its own that makes it a great source of inspiration, and works well with trending effects like noise, dust, black-and-white and dull colors, all still trending well for 2020.

Honorable Mentions

The San Francisco web design scene never stops surprising me with its originality, creativity, and willingness to push the boundaries while still keeping good UX top of mind.

Here’s a few other web design trends I’ve noticed are popular for 2020:

  • Line art. Characterized by clean, bold lines and no shading. It’s bold yet minimal, and makes a creative statement. It’s especially stunning when used with careful pops of color. It works well for logos, background patterns, even packaging.
  • Illustrations that combine art and design will always be a hit. Design is good for the eyes and UX, but art is good for the soul. Expect to see this trend stick around.
  • 3D elements and motion effects. These effects have always been amazing to watch, and they’re becoming more and more attainable and commonplace than ever before. Without needing clunky custom code or external libraries, you can craft a site that animates for the user.
San Francisco Web Design Art
UX is good design, but art is good for the soul

Web Design in 2020

Website design has developed tremendously over the years, and 2020 is no different. In the new decade, we’re witnessing an unprecedented evolution in not just visual presentation, but in the breathtaking development of modern technology.

At Collide Digital, we have skilled and experienced Web Designers who can help you create a stunning website that will keep your web presence fresh and modern.

Contact us today and lets discuss how we can meet your web design needs.


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