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In today’s social media landscape, organic reach is declining. Paid advertising is essential to get your content seen. But not all content performs equally. Authentic user-generated content (UGC) has 3x higher conversion rates than brand-created assets.

At Collide, we make UGC simple for brands. We handle the entire process - from creative to production to distribution. So you can leverage authentic social videos to drive real results.

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How it works:

Strategy First

We’ll start by understanding your brand, products, and KPIs. Then we map out a content strategy optimized for your goals.

Creative Direction

Our team develops video concepts and scripts that align to your brand. We build video templates with specific gaps for UGC.


We identify and recruit relevant creators for your niche. We produce the videos, guiding creators to fill the UGC gaps.


Once approved, we amplify your videos through paid ads on social targeting your perfect audience.

The Benefits You Get:

  • Authentic UGC at scale
  • Full service creative and production
  • Hassle-free creator relationships
  • Optimized paid distribution strategy
  • One partner handling the full process

It’s time to tell brand stories that resonate. Let real customers show how your product improves lives.

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