What Is Local SEO & Why Your Business Needs It

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If you have a local business then you should know about local SEO. SEO is such a crucial element of digital marketing that no business owner should ignore.

A local business is any company that provides goods or services to a local (city or county) community is considered a local business. (Dentist, Gyms, Auto Shops, Restaurant, etc…)

So why is it that over 80% of businesses don’t optimize for local SEO?

In this blog, I will share with you the importance of local SEO and why it is rising in popularity in the marketing world.


What visitors look for in local SEO?

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective way to promote your business on location-based searches. It ensures that your local business can be found by the right customers.

Searches done with geo qualifiers are also key: such as “plumbers in San Diego” zip codes and of course those near you “plumbers near me”; therefore, the person’s geo-location details are picked by Google and then the results from that area are displayed to the searcher.

Importance of local SEO

Local SEO is essential, especially with a business that provides services in certain location, for example, a brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco.

According to a recent research, 95% of  Smartphone users rely on their phones for local searches, from which 59%  visit the website of the business and 61% to find the address or phone number.

Since most companies always provide a way to be contacted from the internet, findings from the research further revealed that 70% of the mobile users contact the company through calls directly from Google.

Therefore the above numbers clearly tell us that calls from location-based searches are actually for potential customers, and the number of leads from local search keeps increasing year over year. It is safe to assume that these leads are qualified and certainly from people interested in the products and services that your particular business offers hence leading to a higher chance that you turn the call into a customer.

Buy from local businesses signage
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Get Your Business on Google’s Local 3-Pack

Local SEO can aid your business to appear in Google’s local 3-pack, which is one of the desired spots when it comes to searches.

What then, is the local 3-pack?

local 3 pack example

Google’s result page showcases local searches by displaying the seven most popular businesses related to your search in the formation of a morsel, hence called the local 7-pack, and it featured addresses, direction links, and the phone numbers to each of those businesses.

As the dynamic change and evolvement of browsing trends emerged, therefore, being dominated by Smartphones, there was a need to reduce the 7-pack to include just but three results for better experiences by the users, hence the name local 3-pack.

According to research, 8% of the people choose to load more results while 44% of the people who searched clicked on the 3-pack listing. This shows why it is so important for business to show up in the 3-pack.

Local SEO can really help your business get more qualified leads.

The Fundamentals of Local SEO

So basically we have seen the importance of local SEO, now we can focus on ways to improve your business.

Firstly, note that SEO is for location-based searches, which means that physical addresses or location is a necessary condition for any online business to show up on local search results. Make sure to always update your business address in the Google My Business and other online directories; otherwise, search engines wouldn’t show your business  when a customer runs a search in “locality name.”

Ensure that your business (Address, Name, and of course Phone number) is in accordant with all online directories you’ve engaged in. Discrepancies should be avoided at all costs to ensure Google lists you on the local 3-pack. You can even have tools managing your listings instead of the difficulty of handling the work manually because directories have to be correctly updated.

Local SEO citations also help in improving the business. In this case, a citation is when third party websites mention your business as a point of reference.

The citation can contain the following; your business name, contact information, location, and a backlink to the business website is not really necessary or perhaps required.

An excellent example of a citation is a food blog that cites your restaurant as having excellent food and services hence a place to grab a bite with your locality. This serves as your business’ merits to Google, therefore, increasing your possibility of getting in the local 3-pack

Lastly, customer reviews can never be underestimated, whether positive or negative, as Google will always make reviews you have during the local business ranking. In the case of positive ranking, always remember to show a hand of appreciation to the customer, and if not, you can still reply to the negative reviews professionally in a timely manner.

How Local SEO Impact Your Business?

Now, here are some of the pros of local SEO:

  • It helps in the discovery of potential customers; a lot of searches are from non-locals interested in a business like yours with local SEO done right, your business can gain such audiences.
  • Information necessary for potential customers is always provided by Local SEO. For example, a restaurant with free Wi-Fi gives you an upper hand that attracts more customers with the above need if the above info is displayed in the Local SEO.
  • With a website, Local SEO helps your business thrive in local searches, and more traffic is driven through online leads.
  • As mentioned previously, 61% of people who carried out a local search ended up contacting the business. Local search optimization provides potential customers with the power to take this action, and this, in turn, provides your business with eligible leads that you can convert.

It has been well addressed and well shown how a local SEO can help your business hit greater heights; therefore, you can build up your client base as well as managing its presence better. Adding an SEO manager to your marketing team will lead to an increase to your organic search engine ranking for your website and beat out your competitors as well as boosting your Local SEO.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation with Collide Digital, and get to know how our experts can help your business grow better through local SEO.

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