Why You Need a Restaurant Sales Funnel, NOW

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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Sales Funnel

Why does your diner need a restaurant sales funnel? Because a website alone just isn’t enough.

Sure, having a website was the current thing in restaurant marketing, about ten years ago. Just having one was enough to ramp up sales, promote your foodservice, increase brand visibility and keep the customers pouring in.

Fast forward today. Without a sales funnel, your website is probably costing you more money than it’s making you.

Competition is stiff in the restaurant industry, and the online world is the same. Online ad costs aren’t getting any cheaper, and the cost of proper SEO is nearly mind-boggling. Never mind the time suck of blogging, devising your content strategy, updating your social media, and, oh yeah, managing that restaurant, too.

Why a Website Isn’t Enough

Just creating a restaurant website doesn’t mean that everyone who visits the site will eventually visit in person. Many traditionally designed websites are poorly designed, and visitors sometimes get confused when browsing. In the end, they leave without doing anything on the site.

Customer’s need direction. When they visit your website, what do you want them to do? 

Sign up for your newsletter for exclusive deals and coupons? Book a reservation today? Download your menu? Try your new online ordering system?

Websites offer lots of information, but little actual direction. While that’s great for educating and entertaining your customers, it doesn’t translate into a busy dining room.

A Sales Funnel offers the direction that a website can’t. It can act as a replacement for the traditional website, or can work in tandem with it.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnels guide visitors through the sales process step by step. This guiding helps to ensure that prospects are less likely to get confused or distracted. The simplicity of a sales funnel drives conversions towards a single goal: sales.

The benefits of a sales funnel increase exponentially when paired with an online marketing campaign.

Sending interested clients to your website just gets traffic to your website. It doesn’t get traffic to your restaurant, which is where you want it. Sending clients to your sales funnel, instead. It will walk them through a specific process to accomplish something you want – book a reservation or buy a dining voucher, for example.

Funnels are not too different from regular websites in terms of functionality, except maybe a little easier to build. Like a website, funnels also include webpages, forms, checkout, and fulfillment processes, and can be customized however you want. Eventually, it becomes a fully functioning online salesperson for your restaurant.

A sales funnel isn’t just about replacing a website; it’s about outperforming a website.


The sales funnel concept isn’t new to the restaurant industry; it’s just that most restaurant business owners don’t know how to do it. Businesses that embrace sales funnels make more money, just because they’ve leveraged tech advancements to make being a customer easier.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about how sales funnels work and what they can do for you.

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